Call for Abstracts – Abstracteinreichung geschlossen

Einreichung in Englisch UND Deutsch

Instructions for Authors/Hinweise für Autoren

Please follow the instructions for abstracts submission (mandatory):

  1. Presentation title: provide a complete title (limit 120 characters) in English and in German.
  2. Full name and address of all authors: please underline the presenting author
  3. University/institute/department
  4. E-mail address of the presenting author
  5. Address of the presenting author (city, zip code, country, phone, fax)
  6. Text abstracts: limited to 250 words! Do not use abbreviations, tables, foot notes or references.
    The following sections are desired:
    • background
    • Patients/methods
    • Results
    • Conclusions
  7. Five Keywords
  8. Words
  9. Category:  Oral presentation – Poster –  Oral presentation/poster
  10. Topics: 

    • Molekulare Chirurgie
    • Zielgerichtete Therapie
    • Individualisierte chirurgische Techniken
    • Ak und Co
    • Interdiziplinäres Management

    • Mamma
    • Magen / Ösophagus / GIST
    • Schilddrüse
    • Kolorektal
    • Leber / Pankreas

Download instructions

Please note that all submissions have to be sent as a word.doc
by email to