Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Gnant Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Gnant, FACS

Facharzt für Allgemeine Chirurgie u. Viszeralchirurgie

A-1010 Wien

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Dr Michael Gnant is Full Professor of Surgery at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria, where he also serves as President of the Austrian Breast & Colorectal Cancer Study Group. He is co-chairing and hosting the renowned St Gallen International Consensus Panel for Early Breast Cancer in Vienna since 2015.

Dr Gnant graduated in medicine in Vienna (1988) and subsequently specialized in surgery (1994) and surgical oncology. He also worked as a Visiting Scientist at the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA (1997–1999). Dr Gnant’s research interests include several fields of surgical oncology, in particular breast and pancreatic cancer, immunotherapy, bone-targeted treatment for tumour micrometastases, tumor dormancy/quiescence and late relapse, pathway-directed therapies such as mTOR and CDK4/6 inhibition, SERDs, and he has been the Principal Investigator of many (N>30) clinical trials in these fields.

The author of more than 500 original peer-reviewed papers with an impact factor of 4,500 and an h-index of 90, Dr Gnant has presented over 1,000 lectures at national and international meetings. He is the recipient of multiple awards including the prestigious Claudia von Schilling Prize from the Medical University of Hannover, the Umberto Veronesi Lecture Award of Breast Surgery International, and a Corresponding Member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. He holds an honorary MD degree of Sichuan University, Chengdu, China, and an Honorary Professorship of Tianjin University, China. In 2017, 2021, and 2022, he was among the most highly cited scientists worldwide.

Dr Gnant is involved in many scientific societies including ASCO, AACR, ACS, Breast International Group (BIG), EORTC, ESSO, EUSOMA and UICC. He served as an executive board member of BIG, is an independent reviewer and IDMC member for the EORTC, UICC and other international bodies, and is a scientific reviewer and process evaluator for the European Union. Dr Gnant is also Editor-in-Chief of BREAST CARE, and editorial board member and reviewer for many top-tier peer-reviewed journals including The Lancet, The New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of Clinical Oncology, and Annals of Oncology.

Name Univ. Prof. Dr. Michael Gnant, FACS
Aktuelle Position Professor für Chirurgie, Medizinische Universität Wien
Geburtsdatum, -ort: 07.06.1964, Wien
Nationalität: Österreich

verheiratet mit Mag. pharm. Claudia Gnant
2 Töchter (Lisa Maria Caroline, 1997; Anna Maria Caterina, 2000)


Medizinische Universität Wien
A-1090 Wien, Austria, Währinger Gürtel 18-20

E-Mail: michael.gnant@meduniwien.ac.at; mgnant@icloud.com

Schule und Studium:

1970-1974 Volksschule in Baden bei Wien, Österreich
1974-1982 Gymnasium Kollegium Kalksburg, Wien
1982-1988 Medizinstudium, Universität Wien; 1986 Universität München, Deutschland
10.5.1988 Promotion, Dr. med. univ.
Facharzt: 1.8.1994 Facharzt für Chirurgie


29.2.2000 Habilitation für Chirurgie


1.4.2004 Professor für Experimentelle Chirurgische Onkologie, Medizinische Universität Wien

Tenure Position:

1.4.2008-laufend Professor für Chirurgie, Medizinische Universität Wien


1988-1989 Koordinator, Abteilung f. Transplantation (1.Chirurgische Universitätsklinik)
1990-1994 Universitätsassistent, 1. Chirurgische Universitätsklinik
Ausbildung in Allgemeinchirurgie mit Rotation in Gefäßchirurgie, Unfallchirurgie, Innere Medizin, Intensivmedizin, Gerichtliche Medizin
Ausbildung in Medizinischer und experimenteller Onkologie an der Universitätsklinik für Innere Medizin I
Universitätslektor an der medizinischen Fakultät

1.9.1994 Facharzt für Chirurgie
1.7.1995 Ernennung zum Oberarzt der Universitätsklinik für Chirurgie
1996 Leiter, Arbeitsgruppe Mammakarzinom
1996 Leiter, Arbeitsgruppe Experimentelle Chirurgische Onkologie
1997-1998 Auslandsaufenthalt National Cancer Institute / NIH, Bethesda, USA / Surgery Branch (Chief: Dr. Steven Rosenberg), 1999 Rückkehr Wien
29.2.2000 Habilitation
1.3.2000 Außerordentlicher Universitätsprofessor
1.9.2000 Leiter, Arbeitsgruppe Pankreaskarzinom
1.10.2000 Station 21D/Klinik für Chirurgie: bettenführender Oberarzt
25.6. 2003: Reihung als „primo et unico loco“ durch Berufungskommission/Fakultät für die neugeschaffene Professur für Chirurgisch–exp. Onkologie
1.4.2004: Berufung als Professor für Chirurgisch-experimentelle Onkologie an der Medizinischen Universität Wien
November 2005: Wahl zum Präsidenten der ABCSG
2007: Positive Evaluierung der Professur durch 4 internationale Reviewer – Tenure Position ab 1.4.2008
2007/2008-: Hochschullehrgang: Health Care Management
März 2008: Bestellung zum stellvertretenden Vorstand der Universitätsklinik für Chirurgie
26.5.2008: Anerkennung als Zusatzfacharzt für Viszeralchirurgie
Jänner 2009 Besetzungsvorschlag d. Med. Universität Innsbruck/Allg.u.Transplantationschirurgie (Nachfolge Prof. Margreiter), Berufungsverhandlungen
März 2009 Berufungsabwehr durch die Medizinische Universität Wien: Definition als zukünftiger Leiter der Klinischen Abteilung für Allgemeinchirurgie
1.1.2010 Director of Surgical Oncology, Comprehensive Cancer Center der MUW(AKH
1.1.2010 Dpt. Director, Comprehensive Cancer Center der MUW/AKH
Summer/Fall 2012 Interim Project leader „Academic Medicine Vienna 2020“
2012-2018 Leiter, Brustgesundheitszentrum Wien MedUni/AKH
1.1.2013 Anerkennung als Zusatzfacharzt für Chirurgische Intensivmedizin
1.10.2014-2018 Vorstand der Universitätsklinik für Chirurgie, Medizinische Universität Wien
24.6.2015-2018 Vorsitzender des Senats der Medizinischen Universität Wien
1.10.2016-2018 Leiter der Klinischen Abteilung für Allgemeinchirurgie der Medizinischen Universität Wien
April 2017 Wahl zum korrespondierenden Mitglied der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften
2017-laufend Governor, American College of Surgeons, Austro-Hungarian Chapter
Mai 2022 Erstgereihter im Besetzungsvorschlag d. Med. Universität Graz/Allgemein-, Viszeral- und Transplantationschirurgie (Nachfolge Prof. Mischinger), Sondierungsgespräche MUG
2018-laufend Professor für Chirurgie, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Medizinische Universität Wien
2023- Ehrendoktorat Sichuan Universität, Chengdu, China
2023-2026 Ehrenprofessur, Tianjin Universität, Tianjin, China
Orig.Publikationen: 540 Originalarbeiten in peer-reviewed journals, siehe auch www.pubmed.org
Impact Factor: >4.800
Cumulative Citations: 13.622
Average citation index: 39,31
h-index: 87
Invited Lectures: national: >1.200; International: >600; incl. Plenary/Highlight Lectures ASCO, EBCC, SABCS
Preise und Awards: 1994 Research Award of the Austrian Society of Senology; 1997 Max Kade Research Award, New York; 2000 Best Paper Award, ESSO 2000; 2000 Best Poster Award, ESSO 2000, Groningen, The Netherlands; 2000 Theodor Billroth Award, Austrian Surgical Society; 2000 Anton von Eiselsberg Award, Van Swieten Society Vienna; 2000 Research Award of the First Austrian Bank; 2000 “Habilitationspreis für die beste Habilitation 2000” – Verein zur Förderung von Wissenschaft und Forschung; 2001 Theodor Billroth Preis, Austrian Surgical Society; 2000 Aventis-Preis; 2004 Großer Zentraleuropäischer Preis der Stadt Wien für Interdisziplinäre Krebsforschung; 2008 Goldenes Ehrenzeichen der Ärztekammer für Wien; 2009 Invited Member, European Academy of Sciences; 2009 Claudia-von-Schilling Preis Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, Germany; 2012 Massachusetts General Hospital Martin Prize in Clinical Research; 2019 Lifetime Honorary Member, GEMO (Groupe Europeén d’Études des Métastases Osseuses); UEMS: Honorary Diploma in Breast Surgery 2021; Breast Surgery International: Umberto Veronesi Lecture 2022
Grants: Max Kade Stipend 1997+1998; Kommision Onkologie 1999; Hygiene-Fonds 2000-2002; Forschungsförderungsfonds des Bürgermeisters der Stadt Wien; Hans und Blanca Moser Stipendium 1999 (Dr. Bachleitner-Hoffmann); Hans und Blanca Moser Stipendium 2000 (Dr. Thomas Benkö); Jubiläumsfonds der Österreichischen Nationalbank 2001; Forschungsförderungsfonds des Bürgermeisters der Stadt Wien (Dr. Friedl): CLEXO 2003-2004: Immunotherapy using antibodies; CLEXO 2003-2004: Vaccination with dendritic Cells; CLEXO 2003-2004: Interdisciplinary treatment of pancreatic cancer; Jubiläumsfonds der Österreichischen Nationalbank 2003 (Dr.Stift); Forschungsentwicklungspreis d. Stadt Wien f. innovative Krebsforschung (Dr.Stift); TransBIG (EU-Commission, multinational project); Fellinger-Krebsforschungspreis 2004 (Dr. Stift); CLEXO 2004: Ute Laggner; Senologie-Preis 2014 (Dr. Exner); 1988-laufend Industry sponsoring (ABCSG trials, nationwide)
Wiss. Gesellschaften: American Society of Clinical Oncology, American Association of Cancer Research, B.I.G. – Breast International Group (Board of Directors 2005-2009, Treasurer 2005-2009, 2009-2013, Member of the Executive Board 2010-2013), EUSOMA, 2008-; Member of the Executive Committee 2010-, German Cancer Society, European Society of Surgical Oncology, European Society of Organ Transplantation, European Liver Transplant Association, Austrian Surgical Society (Board member 2008-, Austrian Society of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Vice President 2006-2011, Austrian Society for Vascular Surgery, Austrian Society of Surgical Research (Board Member 2001-), Gesellschaft der Chirurgen in Wien, Austrian Society of Senology (Vorstandsmitglied: 2000-; Vizepräsident 2022-), Austrian Society of Surgical Oncology, President elect 2003-2004, President 2004-2007, Senologic International Society (S.I.S.) – Honorary Member 2005-, Austrian Breast and Colorectal Cancer Study Group (ABCSG) (Board Member and Treasurer 1997-2005, President since 2005-), Österreichische Vereinigung für Klinische Onkologie (Founding Member 2000, Secretary 2000-), Van Swieten Society Vienna, Board Member 2000-2001, Congress Secretary 2001, Center of Excellence for Clinical and experimental Oncology Vienna, Founding member, Secretary and Member of the Executive Comittee 2001-, Verein zur Förderung von Wissenschaft und Forschung im AKH-Wien: Secretary General 2002-2004, Secretary 2004-, Vizepräsident 2012-2014, Präsident 2015-16, Cancer and Bone Society, Member of the Scientif Advisory Board 2010-; Chair, NOC, European Breast Cancer Conference 2012, IDMC Member, EORTC: 2010-. St. Gallen Consensus Conference of Primary Breast Cancer, Panelist 2009-, Co-chair 2015-, Biedenkopf Consensus Conference on Neoadjuvant Breast Cancer, Panelist 2008-, UEMS Examination Committee Breast Surgery, 2011-2013, Early Breast Cancer Trialists Collaborative Group Oxford, Steering Committee 2013-; UEMS Breast Surgery Division, Executive Committee 2014-2015, other national Societies/ Committees; ASCO International Education Steering Group; Member 2021-; National Delegate, European Cancer Centre (ECC) Certification Commission 2022-.
Reviewer: für viele peer-reviewed Zeitschriften, z.B. The Lancet, The New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet Oncology, International Journal of Cancer, British Journal of Cancer, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Osteoporosis International, Transplant International, Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy, ACA (European Surgery), Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism, Oncology, Medical Science Monitor, Annals of Oncology, Journal für gastroenterologische und hepatologische Erkrankungen, Clinical Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Online, Breast Care, Expert Review of Anticancer Therapy, Maturitas, Pathology: Research and Practice, World Journal of Surgical Oncology, Breast Cancer Research Treatment, Surgery Today, Anticancer Drugs, Radiotherapy and Oncology, European Journal of Surgical Oncology, Onkologie, Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers+Prevention, Cell Proliferation, Expert Opinion Pharmacotherapy, Annals of Surgical Oncology
Akademische Tasks: Reviewer on Topics of Gene Therapy for the Deutsche Bundesärztekammer, 2000-; Scientific Reviewer and Process Evaluator for the European Union, FP5, FP6, 2001-; Member of the European TransTAX-Comittee, BIG/Aventis, 2001-; Medical Consultant, Austrianova, 2002-2004, 2006; Anton Dreher gemeinnützige Privatstiftung der Medizinischen Universität Wien, Board Member 2004-; TransHERA Global Project: Member of the Steering Comittee, 2004-; TransBIG EU Project: National Key Contact, Member of the Steering Committee, 2003-; Reviewer for: Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro, 2005-; Cancer Research UK, London, Reviewer 2006-; EMEA – European Drug Agency: Reviews 2006-; Reviewer for Bundesärztekammer Deutschland, 2000-; Reviewer for the Scientific Fonds of the Mayor of the City of Vienna, 2003-; Bisphosphonates in Breast Cancer, ESO Task Force, Member, 2004-; TransHERA Global Project: Member of the Steering Comittee, 2004-; Reviewer for the „Jubiläumsfonds“ of the Austrian National Bank, 2005-; Österreichische Brustkrebshilfe: Member of the Scientific Council, 2004-; Reviewer for Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro, 2005-; Reviewer for National Research and Development Support Agency of Slovakia, 2005-; B.I.G. (Breast International Group): Election to Board of Directors 2005-2014, Treasurer 2005-; Scientific Advisor, Federal Ministry of Education and Research Germany, 2005-; Consultant of Ö.B.I.G., Austrian Strategic Health Structure (OeGS), 2005-2006; Stretegic Advisor Oncology for the Vienna Hospital Organiszation KAV, 2005-2006; EORTC European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer, Independent Reviewer 2006-; F.A.C.E. Trial, Global Steering Committee 2006-; Consultant of Ö.B.I.G., Breast Center Developement Austria, 2006-2007; Reviewer for the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG, 2007 Wissenschaftlicher Beirat Gastro&HepaNews: 2008-; IMPAKT 2010: Brussels; Member od the Executive Committee; St. Gallen Consensus Conference of Primary Breast Cancer, Panelist 2009-; Biedenkopf Consensus Conference on Neoadjuvant Breast Cancer, Panelist 2008-; Directors of Breast Disease Centers, Member of the International Board 2010-; Co-coordinator, Comprehensive Cancer Center Vienna, 2010-; Counsellor: AIA C.D. Action committee C.D.between International Organizations and Austrians; AIA C.D. Children Foundation; AIA C.D. IWEC”Water is Life” Network; AIA C.D. Internationale Wasser/Umwelt Vereinigung für eine bessere Zukunft unserer Kinder, 2011-,National Cancer Institute of France (INCa), Scientific Evaluation Committee, Member 2011-; IMPAKT 2012, Member of the Scientific Committee; ECCO-17, Amsterdam 2013; Track Chair Early Breast Cancer; Belgian Foundation against Cancer, Reviewer 2012-; Universitätsmedizin 2020, Mitglied des Lenkungsausschusses und interim. Projektleiter; Consultant Expert, European Medicines Agency, 2014-; Head, Operative Management Board AKH Vienna, 2014-; Committee Member, Faculty European Cancer Congress ECCO-ESMO 2015; AACR Outstanding Investigator Award in Breast Cancer Research, 2015-2016; Reviewer – Breast Cancer Now UK 2015-16; Scientific Programm Committee ESMO 2017; Reviewer – Italian Medicines Agency 2018-2019; Reviewer for ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation – Health Research Programme (Spain) 2017-ongoing
Editor Zeitschriften: Editor-in-chief, Breast Care (Karger), 2011-; Editorial Board Member, Current Breast Cancer Reports. 2013-; Editorial Board Member, The Breast Journal, 2005-; Editorial Board Member, Journal of Bone Oncology, 2012-; Associate Editor, Frontiers in Women’s Cancer, 2011-; Editor, The Central European Journal of Medicine, 2005-; Editor, Journal of Clinical Oncology (German Edition), 2008-; Editorial Board Member, The European Journal of Clinical & Medical Oncology / Malignancy, 2009-; Editorial Board Member, Breast Cancer Management, 2011-; Editorial Board Member, Global Journal of Surgery, 2010-; Associate Editor, Breast Care (Karger), 2005-2010; Breast Intergroup Newsletter, Editorial Board 2005-2009; Editor-in-Chief „Leben mit Krebs“, 1999-; Scientific Board “Spektrum Onkologie”, 2006-; Editorial Board, Global Journal of Surgery: 2010-; Scientific Editor, Swiss Medical Weekly, 2019-ongoing; Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Editorial Board Member 2000-2018; Editorial Board Member, Cancers, 2021-; Editorial Board member, Current Breast Cancer Reports; 2023-ongoing; Editorial Board Member, Translational Breast Cancer
Ethikkommission der Medizinischen Universität und des AKH Wien: Mitglied 2000-2015; Reviewer 2001-2015
Management Skills: Hospital Management Training 1995/96; Studium irregulare „Krankenhausökonomie“ 1983-1990
MBA Programme: Health Care Management-MBA at the Medical University of Vienna, 2007-2018
Landessänitätsrat Wien: Ordentliches Mitglied, 2016-2019
Kongressorganisation: Senology 1993 Wien – Scientific Secretary; ESOT – Local Organizing Committee, Vienna 1995; 1st Austrian Cancer Congress Vienna 2000 – Secretary; Van Swieten Congress 2001 – Secretary; Breast Cancer Vienna 2003 – President; ASSO Wien 2003 – President; Panelist – Central European Cooperative Group of Oncology 2003, Consensus on Medical Treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancer 2003, 2005; European Breast Cancer Conference 2012, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, ECCO 2013, Track Chair; SG-BCC 2015-2021 Organizing Co-Chair
IDMCs: GAIN – German Adjuvant Intergroup Node-positive Study, 2004-; AMAROS – EORTC Trial, 2006-2012; EORTC – General IDMC, 2010-ongoing; Accelsior: various trials; BMS immunotherapy trials; ATNEC Trial, UK 2020-
Austrian Academy of Sciences: Corresponding Member 2017-ongoing